Our Journey

In the middle of 2020, as the world navigated the challenges of Covid-19, an idea was born. Rajpal Sagoo envisioned a platform that would redefine the way individuals invest in local businesses in Cherokee. The concept was simple: allow community members to invest in the businesses they love and frequent through crowdfunding. This fractional ownership model was designed to empower individuals, giving them a stake in their favorite local establishments, while also providing business owners with the capital needed for expansion and growth.

However, as with many ideas, challenges arose. Regulatory hurdles and the complexities of obtaining the necessary licenses meant that the original vision had to be redesigned. But the spirit of Invest Cherokee remained undeterred.

Fast forward to today, and while the platform has been tailored, our mission remains steadfast. We’ve built a robust platform that showcases the myriad of business opportunities in the Cherokee County area. Through a marketplace approach, we aim to connect potential investors with local businesses, fostering growth and community engagement.

Our Vision for the Future

We are committed to providing a platform that bridges the gap between business owners and potential investors, fostering connections and opportunities.

Join Us in Investing in Cherokee

We invite you to explore Invest Cherokee, to discover the potential business opportunities that await, and to play a part in the growth and prosperity of our cherished community. Together, let’s invest in the future of Cherokee County!

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