Invest Cherokee is an online platform that allows business owners to list their businesses for sale and potential buyers to browse and inquire about these listings. Our goal is to connect sellers with potential investors in the local community.

Simply register on our platform, complete your profile, and then follow the steps to create a listing for your business. Ensure you provide accurate and detailed information to attract potential buyers.

There is no fee to list your business on Invest Cherokee. However, we reserve the right to introduce listing fees in the future.

Listings remain active for 90 days. After this period, you’ll need to renew or resubmit your listing if you wish to keep it active.

Yes, you can edit your listing details anytime through your account dashboard.

Each listing has a contact form that allows you to directly reach out to the seller or their representative.

Yes, we prioritize the privacy of our users. Your personal information will not be sold or shared without your consent, except as required by law. Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.

Yes, brokers can list multiple businesses. Ensure you have the necessary permissions to list each business.

While we provide tools and resources, we encourage users to conduct their own due diligence. Consider factors like financials, location, market demand, competition, and any other relevant details.

Invest Cherokee is a platform for listing businesses and does not mediate disputes. We recommend resolving issues amicably and seeking legal counsel if necessary.

Please contact our support team immediately if you come across any listing that seems suspicious or misleading.

No, Invest Cherokee is a platform for listing and discovering businesses for sale. All transactions and negotiations happen directly between the buyer and seller.

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